Services Available

  • Original music (instrumental and/or vocal) – for your podcast, audio meditation, or other medium.
  • Musician for hire – recording my voice and/or guitar/mandolin for your project.
  • Music production – layering instruments, beats, background vocals, effects… anything needed to make your song come to life.
  • Audio post-production work – clean up/enhance the sound/mix /master your music, podcast, audio meditation, or other content.
  • Music transcription/notation – I’ll make a clean, accurate, and professional chart/lead sheet or whatever written music you need of any song.
  • Custom arrangements – I will arrange any song for your preferred medium or instrumentation.
  • Basic video editing – while I’m primarily an audio specialist, I also have experience and capability to do basic video editing for your project.


Custom musical or audio support for your project

I am a life-long musician and can provide the custom musical and audio support you need for your project. I studied at St. Olaf College in its celebrated music department, so I have the music theory background. And I now have over two decades of experience writing, producing, recording, performing, arranging, and enhancing music in varied mediums, styles, and genres.

Recorded your podcast (or other) audio and need it cleaned up, edited, mixed, and mastered for the final project?

I have equipment and know-how to get it sounding like you want it to sound. I can get rid of pops, background noise, sibilance, add warmth and richness to your voice, mix music and narration to appropriate levels… and much more. I’ll then provide you with final audio files at the right sound levels and specifications for the final application.

Having trouble finding just the right background music for the meditation you’re producing or the right theme music for your podcast?

I’ll write it and record it to your specifications. I can do meditative ambient music, folky guitar and mandolin, a cappella vocal or choral music, high energy rock or pop, I can program beats… you tell me what vibe you’re going for and I’ll deliver. 

Wrote a song and need a producer to bring it to life?

Send me a demo and I’ll produce it to your specifications, layering the right sounds to let your song be just what it wants to be.

Don’t need a producer, but need professional vocals or guitar/mandolin on your project?

I’ll sing (and arrange if needed) BGVs for your song, I’ll sing your jingle, I’ll add acoustic or electric guitar or mandolin to your song… whatever you need, it will be done professionally and to your specifications.

Recorded your musical project and need it mixed and/or mastered?

I will mix your project with a creative and detail-oriented ear — and to your satisfaction. I will make every element of your recording sit in its right place and sound as good as it can sound. I can also provide basic mastering services to deliver your music at the right sound levels for streaming or whatever other release medium you need.

Are you a musician or producer looking for clean, professional charts/lead sheets tailored to your needs?

I’m a Sibelius wiz and can chart/transcribe/transpose/notate to your heart’s content. Contact me for examples of my charts.

Need a piece of music arranged for a specific lineup of vocalists, instrumentalists, etc.?

I have experience arranging for rock bands, jazz combos, choirs, a cappella groups, orchestras, brass ensembles, string quartets… pretty much anything you’d like.

Contact me for rates and a quote for your project. Can’t wait to work with you!