mike Loretto

Life and Spirituality Coach

Rediscover your spiritual path, Reimagine your life


I’m passionate about how spirituality shapes our lives.

That’s why I’m devoted to walking alongside people like you who want to live their highest and most spiritually connected lives… while juggling the responsibilities and frustrations of everyday life.

Are you just beginning to explore your spirituality?

Don’t know where to start? Not sure what you’re even looking for? Nervous that you’ll become like those people who are “spiritual” in ways that turn you off?

I see you…

…and I love holding space for you as you explore adding spiritual practice and awareness to your life. There is a True Self, a Highest Self – authentic to you – waiting within to be discovered and unleashed… for your good and the good of the world around you.

Is your spirituality in transition?

Have your beliefs shifted, leaving you unsure what’s next? Have you been let down by spiritual leaders or communities you once trusted? Do you want a rich spiritual life but need to discern what to leave behind and what to step into?

I see you…

…and I love walking with you through that transition – without judgment or preconceptions about where you’ll end up. Let’s discover the rich spiritual life you’ll find by leaving behind what’s been unhealthy (even harmful) or just doesn’t fit for you anymore.

Are you wanting MORE out of your everyday spirituality?

Always wanting to pray, meditate, read, write, create, serve, yoga, insert-your-favorite-spiritual-practice-here more than you do? Have a hunch your relationships, work, family, finances, insert-today’s-stressful-situation-here would improve if you found ways to apply your spirituality?

I see you…

…and I love working with you as you transform all facets of your life through a deepened spiritual connection. You CAN see immediate progress in your life and sense of well-being by applying your spirituality more in your day-to-day.

Ready? Connect with me today.


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“Mike has a profound way of lovingly meeting and supporting his clients as they navigate fragile spiritual spaces. I’m so grateful for the safe and constructive space Mike offered on my journey.” – Katie, Montana

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Do you have a belief system but want MORE out of your everyday spirituality?