Life and Spirituality Coaching

Never been all that “spiritual” before but want to explore?

Is your spirituality in transition?

Wanting more out of your everyday spirituality?

If any of these ring true, spiritual life coaching is for you!

My own life has been filled with twists, turns, peaks, and valleys, all of which have taught me that finding and following my authentic spiritual path is the single most effective way to revolutionize my life. As a Certified Life Coach and Certified Spiritual Coach through the Life Purpose Institute, I have training and tools to help you find or rediscover your spiritual path and see tangible effects in your day-to-day life.


What is Life and Spirituality Coaching?

Working with me for life & spirituality coaching means that YOU will be finding practical, forward-moving solutions for issues in your life, often using a spiritual perspective. My role as a coach is:

  1. to provide safe, sacred space in which your questions and process are honored and
  2. to ask questions and offer tools that will help prompt and enable you to discover your path forward.


What coaching is not:


It’s not therapy.

Talk therapy with a psychologist or or other therapist is important and healing – I’ve benefitted from it and recommend it! But while therapy often focuses on deep emotional issues that usually arise from our past experiences, coaching focuses on making changes and seeing results in the present.


It’s not required that you come from any specific faith tradition (or any at all!).

I believe strongly in the truth that “seek, and you will find.” All spirituality is exploration of that which is beyond us. My commitment is to honor your journey: from wherever you’ve come to wherever you’re going. I’m especially mindful of (and know personally) the mix of grief and uncertainty, freedom and excitement that accompany changes in our faith/spirituality. Working with me means searching together for the ever-evolving and authentic-to-you path that will bring deeper joy and fulfillment in your life.


It’s not prescriptive.

There may be times for consultants, teachers, faith leaders, or other “authorities” to tell you what you “should” do. But as a coach I believe that you have the answers within yourself. As we work together, I will ask questions and help you brainstorm possibilities. On occasion I might make suggestions, but you will leave our sessions with commitments that YOU have come up with and chosen – not with answers I have prescribed.

So, to recap:

Our work together will be results-oriented, focused on the present moment, and will deliver change that YOU come up with and decide to make.

We can explore almost any area of your life, from relationships to work to finances to creativity to whatever’s on your mind that day. We can work on the nuts and bolts, real life details of those situations – sometimes you just need to nail down a plan for finishing a project. We can also ask how your spirituality might apply to the situation – often bringing change at a deeper level that you can’t accomplish by any other means. And we can also spend time helping you explore and live into spirituality in general – discovering a way of being in the world that fits who you are in this time and place.