I’m Mike, and I’m passionate about how spirituality shapes our lives.

That’s why I’ve devoted my work as a spiritual life coach to walking alongside people like you who want to live their highest and most spiritually connected lives… while juggling the responsibilities and frustrations of everyday life.


I get excited about seeing people find and embody their truest, highest selves. That excitement stems from the joy I feel in my continuing process of discovering who I am at my core – a process that feels a lot like chipping away at what surrounds a diamond to reveal its beauty.

I use the word “process” because my life has been and continues to be a journey of discovery. You’ll never find me thinking I have arrived – my fun comes from walking alongside you as a fellow wanderer and seeker. I’m constantly in awe of how much more there is to discover.

Because my life and spirituality have evolved over time (and continue to evolve!), as a coach I aim to hold safe, open/non-judgmental, and supportive space for you WHEREVER you are on your journey. I offer a coaching presence of love, calm, and grounding. I commit to being an unwavering advocate for my clients.

I grew up in Topeka, KS, then went to college in Minnesota (at St. Olaf College). A brief sojourn to Indianapolis, IN preceded almost 15 years in the San Francisco Bay Area.

In 2019, ready for a geographic change to match an evolving worldview and sense of purpose, I sold everything and bought a travel trailer. I have since traveled in Mexico (Baja) and am enjoying a simpler life near the sea focusing on personal growth, healing, and creativity.

I’m a lifelong musician, and I love (in no particular order): books, tennis, TV/movies that tell a story, yoga, good food/drinks, dogs, the ocean, and meditation.

But enough about me – I can’t wait to get to know YOU and bear loving, supportive witness to the story unfolding in your life.

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