A few words from my clients…

“Improved mental outlook”

Mike’s thoughtfulness, toolset, and ease-of-manner have led me to a measurably improved mental outlook. He was able to help me successfully process my grief, my anxiety, and my mental blocks in sustainable ways. I have been using the tools and ways of thinking he has taught me on a weekly basis, and I highly value his skill in leading meditation. I have seen growth in my effectiveness at work and more satisfaction in my personal relationships, both due to the practices Mike introduced me to.

—Jason*, Kansas

“Nonjudgmental and believes in me”

Mike has a profound way of lovingly meeting and supporting his clients as they navigate fragile spiritual spaces. His gentle, nonjudgmental presence, thoughtful inquiry, and insightful guidance are at once comforting and empowering. On days when I felt weak, shattered, and tempted to hide from my journey, it has meant the world to have a coach who believes in me, my faith, and my courage. I’m so grateful for the safe and constructive space Mike offered on my journey.

—Katie*, Montana

“Active listener”

Mike Loretto is one of the most compassionate coaches I’ve worked with. An active listener, he is able to pinpoint areas where I need guidance most. He approaches coaching as a partnership, which I appreciate. I feel like we co-create our sessions, and he’s always able to adjust when I need greater accountability in a specific area. His passion for helping people overcome obstacles comes through in each session. I can’t recommend working with Mike enough!

—Alyssa*, California





*Client names changed for confidentiality

“More confidence in daily actions”

Mike has been an excellent life coach. He is very thoughtful and understands problems I’ve identified critically and repeats it back in a way that is very clear for myself to hear out loud. He makes me feel very comfortable with my own thoughts and helps me understand my goals and desires for improvement with greater clarity. Mike has a unique focus on spiritual development and it really helped me understand myself at greater depths and have more confidence in my daily actions. I’ve had a transformational experience working with Mike and I hope others are lucky enough to have a similar experience.

—Priyanka*, California