“Living In The Space Between”

Leaning into the uncertainty of change. Together.

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Do you feel yourself leaving one era and stepping into the unknown of a new era? Liminal spaces — those times and places in which we are on the threshold of something new — can be the most beautifully formative times of our lives. In each one-hour group session, we’ll explore a concept relating to how we can best grow and learn in the “space between” the old we’ve left and the new that’s coming. Then Mike will coach one of the group participants around their specific area of transition. You’ll be personally coached at least once and will learn at least as much from other participants’ journeys!



What? – Group coaching around embracing seasons of transition (max of 5 participants)

Where? – virtual meeting space via Zoom

When? – Scheduled around participants’ availability

How long? – 75-minute sessions for six consecutive weeks

How much? – $120 (only $20/session!)

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