Here are some examples of projects I’ve worked on. Contact me for more examples of specific types of work.



Cover song performed, recorded, mixed, mastered (and with video editing) by Mike: 

Another cover song recorded, mixed, mastered (and with video editing) by Mike:

Audio files

Narration audio – before & after

The TOP file is before Mike’s enhancement of the audio. The BOTTOM file is after EQ, compression, de-essing, plosive taming, and background noise removal.



Original instrumental background music

Created (written, performed, mixed, mastered) by Mike for the background of a children’s audio meditation:

Original song

Stream or buy this song (“In the Quiet”) HERE 

All instruments/vocals by Mike Loretto (this one mixed/mastered by Greg Sankovich of Groove Tonic Media):

Contact me for rates and a quote for your project. Can’t wait to work with you!